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Canada Ibogaine

Substance abuse makes you a prisoner in your own life, but ibogaine treatment offers a way to find freedom again. Angles of Victory is proud to partner with reputable, peaceful and harmonious clinics in Canada that offer this groundbreaking addiction treatment therapy.

If you, or someone you love, are leading a life plagued by addiction, you know how hard it is to restore your complete mental, physical and emotional well-being. Traditional drug treatment options and twelve-step programs often fail to address the core causes of addictive behaviors and leave individuals needing more help and assistance to regain control of their lives.

Ibogaine drug treatment is proving to be among the most effective ways for patients to successfully eliminate their addictions and begin to move forward into a drug-free future. Derived from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant that grows in Africa, the anti-addiction powers of this natural herb have long been known to the medical community around the world for years. When properly administered, ibogaine addiction therapy almost immediately stops opiate withdrawal symptoms, reduces drug and alcohol cravings and grants personal insight into the causes and triggers of individual addiction.

Though widely used in clinics throughout the world, this revolutionary approach to addiction resolution is not currently legally approved in the United States. To receive quality, ethical and legal Ibogaine treatment many US citizens seek help in Canada.

Of course, for many the decision to seek help to end their substance abuse is challenging enough, trying to coordinate an international strategy to accommodate their therapy can be overwhelming. At Angels of Victory, we know that you need to focus on battling your addictive behaviors and triggers. Via our partners, we will arrange for you to get ibogaine addiction legally in Canada. We work only with the most respected Canadian facilities to arrange for the successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation of our patients. While you prepare to begin your journey to a substance-abuse free life, we will arrange your travel and care so you can focus on healing.

To learn more about our Ibogaine drug treatment in Canada, call Angels of Victory at 877-663-3869. If you are outside of the US we can be reached by calling 001-310-460-9919.  We can also be reached via email. Don’t wait another day to begin living your life again.

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