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Chicago Ibogaine

Whether you are considering an addiction treatment for the first time or have tried multiple programs only to relapse again and again, ibogaine therapy may provide you with the long lasting solution you truly need. Because ibogaine works to eliminate cravings while a person detoxes from drugs and alcohol, many residents of Chicago are turning to this nutritional supplement to help them put a permanent end to their addictions once and for all.

Ibogaine, from the shrub Tabernanthe Iboga, is an all-natural, herbal supplement found in the West Central region of Africa. In the dry climate of Gabon, this plant is harvested and used in tribal rituals to ward off sickness and to promote spiritual clarity. Ibogaine therapy is gaining popularity as a treatment for substance abuse all over the world because it effectively and painlessly has been shown to eliminate cravings for drugs and alcohol. When administered and managed properly, it can totally block your cravings and remove your need for drugs without any discomfort or painful withdrawal symptoms.

Despite reported success and growing use among addiction recovery specialists, ibogaine is not currently legal in the United States. Fortunately, Angels of Victory has an international network of ibogaine clinics which enable our clients to legally get this treatment overseas. Most importantly, when you work through us, you will always know you’re in a safe and regulated environment. All of our staff members, both in Chicago and out of the country, are professionals with the training and experience to administer this nutritional supplement safely and correctly.

Your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states all contribute to addictive behaviors. By examining every aspect of the addiction you experience, you will gain a better understanding of yourself. This understanding will open the paths to truly overcome the root of the addiction(s) you are challenged by.

We find that many of our Chicago clients are apprehensive about addiction recovery programs because of the physical and emotional pain involved. If you are one of these people, ibogaine could very well be the permanent, pain-free detox solution that you have always been looking for.

To discover if our overseas ibogaine clinic is the right fit for you, we offer a free consultation. During this consult, we will discuss your individual situation, triggers and any previous attempts to rehabilitate yourself. From there we can make recommendations and talk with you further about how this therapy can benefit you. To set up an appointment, Chicago residents can contact Angels of Victory via email or by calling 877-663-3869. If you’re ready to take the leap to sobriety, don’t let fear stand in your way. Call us to see if ibogaine treatment can help facilitate the life change you need.

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