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Drug Detox Centers

Many drug detox centers simply provide clinical treatment of withdrawal symptoms and offer patients little in the way of supplementary support. However, Angels of Victory takes a more complete approach to teen drug rehabilitation. Our programs offer a wide range of educational and life-counseling services in addition to drug detox, with the added flexibility of affordable inpatient or in-home care.

At our drug detox center, you’ll receive supportive and professional care from experienced doctors and registered nurses. However, unlike other centers, we provide much more than this–our team of teachers and counselors instruct patients in acquiring skilled trades, learning entrepreneurial skills and finding a vocation in life. We firmly believe that full recovery cannot be attained simply from physical detoxification. Recovery takes a new attitude towards life, which we help our patients find.

We Offer More Continued Support Than Other Detox Centers

We’re also distinguished by our continued commitment to helping youth and their families make successful long-term recoveries from drug addiction. Our doors stay open even after treatment has been completed, and patients enjoy ongoing access to our counselors and guidance team to help prevent relapsing into addictive behavior. The clinical environment at Angels of Victory is comfortable and fully supportive, where individual successes are shared by everyone.

We also help parents and loved ones cope with addiction, extending our support network to everyone affected by drug dependence. If you’d like to learn more about the programs offered through our center, please contact us. We’re available at, as well as 1-877-663-3869.

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