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Drug Detox Columbus

A Drug Treatment Program Which Is Individual As You Are

For more than 30 years, Angels of Victory has been providing unique solutions for those searching for a safe, secure, drug detox that works. The individualized protocols that we offer helps our clients overcome substance abuse at the root causes of the problem. We believe that an addiction treatment program has to be about more than simply breaking a habit; thus, we teach you valuable skills to deal with problems and start on the path to a whole new lifestyle.

The Benefits of Home Drug Detoxification

At Angels of Victory, there is no one size fits all approach. We offer various options that can be completely customized to your situation and needs. We start with a personal consultation to assess the depth of your addiction and let you ask questions about our different approaches. For many, a home drug detox program is the answer. Detoxing within familiar surroundings can make the process more comfortable. Many of our Columbus based clients also find that beginning at home helps them remain sober once the detox is complete. Too often, a rehab center or clinic works only temporarily. Once you return home, you may find that the triggers of your old life are too difficult to overcome on your own. If you fear this may happen to you, the drug treatment program home option at Angels of Victory can help.

Drug Treatment Centers

If you are unable or don’t wish to complete a drug detoxification program at home, we also have a facility available where our clients can overcome habits in a stable and supportive environment. We are committed to the long-term success of our clients. We have certified professionals on staff, and offer counseling programs to assist in your transition back to life.

Dedication to Client Success

Even clients who have tried and failed with a variety of drug and or alcohol detox programs in the past, can find success at Angels of Victory. Our innovative programs will give you the tools to turn your life around. We stand behind our programs because they work, and we know they can make a difference in your road to recovery. Your comfort, safety, and success are our top priorities. Whether you choose a home detox program or decide on an off-site approach, you will be cared for by professionals that know how and when to help.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end after your initial treatment. We know that it takes more than substance withdrawal to overcome an addiction. We offer a full range of educational and support programs to help you face the serious challenges that come with the decision to remain sober.

Get The Help You Need Today

We encourage all prospective Columbus clients to take the first step to recovery by contacting us today. Call 877-663-3869 or email us at to set up a consultation to learn more about how our unique program can help you.

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