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Drug Treatment San Diego

Take Back Control Of Your Life

The San Diego addiction treatment program provided by Angels of Victory can be a powerful force of change in your life. Perhaps you have thought to yourself, “I’m drinking or using drugs way too much, but I’m not going to rehab.” Or maybe other people have told you that you have a problem, but you feel uncomfortable with a standard twelve-step program. You are not alone. For more than fifteen years Angels of Victory has helped clients just like you take back control of their lives with our unique and confidential home detoxification process.

Substance abuse can lead to a life of sadness and suffering. You deserve better than this, and with Angels of Victory’s home drug detox you can find your way again. Everyone’s struggle with drugs or alcohol is individual and unique. This is the reason that uniform, one size fits all programs are not always ideal or effective for all individuals. Many San Diego residents seeking help find they thrive with drug detox programs that recognize and address their specific habits, background and personal struggle. This is precisely what Angles of Victory offers as we support you through this life-changing process.

Where Do You Begin?

Our services in San Diego begin with a private, comprehensive consultation. During this initial meeting we learn about your specific situation. You also have the opportunity to ask questions about our services and recovery philosophy. We patiently take the time to truly get to know you so that we can recommend the best drug treatments and protocols.

Why Detoxing At Home May Be The Best Option For You

There are many advantages to completing your alcohol detox at home. The process of detoxing is difficult. Experiencing such hardship in an environment that is unfamiliar can make your successful recovery even harder to achieve. Additionally, for many people, private homes can present the biggest challenges post-recovery. You most likely have a history of drinking or doing drugs in your home, and this history can act as a trigger for relapse if you do not include your residence during your recovery process. To eliminate the addictive behaviors you have long practiced in your home and to reclaim your space and life, our home drug detox option is often the best solution that is avaiable.

Other Alternatives

If during our initial consultation you decide that recovery in your own residence may not be the best course for you, you will be welcomed into our Angles of Victory facility during your addiction treatment.

We Stand Beside You

We recognize the importance and the challenge of the journey you are undertaking. Our Angels of Victory specialists are committed to providing you full support through your recovery. Through our program you can gain the tools you need to overcome addictive behaviors and live a life of freedom and happiness.

Begin Your Journey Today

Don’t wait any longer to take back control of your life. To learn more about Angles of Victory’s San Diego home drug detox, email or call us today at 877-663-3869.

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