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Ibogaine is grown naturally in a West Africa shrub called Iboga. Natives in the region use the shrub to heal their people. It is a plant that helps on psychiatrics because it is a psychoactive alkaloid.

When taken in small doses, Ibogaine mildly stimulates the brain. When taken in a stronger dose, it induces a psychedelic reaction. Historically, it has been used in initiations and healing ceremonies by people who reside in various parts of West Africa and practice the Bwiti religion.

Persons that have problems with substances, have found that strong doses of ibogaine can dramatically reduce the harsh withdrawals from opiates and other addictive substances (Cocaine, Meth, Crack, Alcohol, etc.). It also temporarily eliminates the cravings cause by addictive substances.

Dr. Deborah Mash is a faculty member in the Department of Neurology of the University of Miami and she continues to practice her area of expertise called Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience. She truly believes that Ibogaine therapy offers great promise in the treatment of addiction by answering questions as to what happens to a person’s brain when a person becomes addicted, why certain people are more prone to addiction than others and what can be done to heal people who suffer with substance addictions. Additionally, Dr. Mash’s research offers hope that we will one day be able to heal inner wounds that may profoundly contribute to habitual addiction. The better understanding that is learned by Dr. Mash and others studying the causes of addiction, the closer we come to a day where addiction is no longer hurting individuals and society.

In the meantime, Ibogaine treatment is available to anyone anywhere, excluding USA and Belgium. If you are interested in this type of treatment, please feel free to contact Angels Of Victory for more information. We can be reached by email or by calling 877–663–3869.

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