In Home Alcohol Detox

Individualized Treatment Programs That Work

As you know, alcoholism is a dangerous disease that  millions of people struggle with each and every day. Deciding to get sober can be intimidating and may be seem like an impossible goal to reach because alcohol is so addictive. Our over 40 years of experience shows us that no single approach to permanently beating the addiction works for everyone. Because each person is unique, Angels of Victory customizes in home alcohol detox for those who feel more comfortable accomplishing the detoxification process in their most comfortable setting, their home.

Is In Home Alcohol Detox The Right Choice For You?

If you are like most people, everyday life contains dozens of potential triggers that may compel you to drink. While rehab centers are effective for some; often, an in home alcohol detox program makes the most sense. Detoxing at home helps you to learn how to soberly live in your daily environment and surroundings without falling pray to temptation and destructive behavioral patterns. This can be the key to avoiding future relapses.

The Angels of Victory at home alcohol detox program is safe and effective. Our team of addiction recovery specialists are all master counselors and interventionists. We will utilize our training and experience to oversee every aspect of your recovery from the initial phases of your detoxification to designing a long term sobriety plan which will help ensure your long term success. Our program may be the preferred choice if you are someone who is ready to get results and if the thought of a rehab center does not appeal to you.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to overcome alcoholism in the past, you need not worry. Throughout our forty years in the industry we have seen and experienced almost everything you could possibly imagine. We specialize in helping people who have lost hope. We will put our program to work for you.

Working Towards a Sober Future

When you work with Angels of Victory, we will help you to learn how to remain sober once your in home alcohol detox is complete. Detoxification is only the beginning of the recovery process. Our team is fully committed to helping you avoid relapses while being able to realize a sober life. To assist in this area, we offer professional counseling and sober companion services as a compliment to our program. We’ll teach you the skills and provide you with the resources you need to remain sober for a lifetime.

Contact Angels of Victory by calling 877-663-3869 to learn about our in home alcohol detox solutions. Your addiction free future can begin today. We are here to help you reach your goal of sobriety, email or call us today for your free no obligation consultation.

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