Privacy Policy “Angels of Victory Home Detox” is committed to protecting your privacy. We comply with HIPPA regulations and will sign a confidentiality agreement with each client, which guarantees that no information about the client or their treatment will be disclosed to any person or agency without the clients’ written permission.


Los Angeles Sober Companion

For more than four decades, Angels of Victory has been supporting the residents of Los Angeles who have made the decision to live a sober lifestyle. The transition of such a drastic life change can be difficult, typically if work, home or everyday living presents triggers for destructive habits.

The capable staff at Angels of Victory includes sober companions and interventionists who are certified master counselors. We each possess the education, tools and experience you need for a successful transition to a life of permanent sobriety.

Whether you are a businessperson, entertainer, artist, athlete, technician or stay at home parent, we will match you with the best-suited sober companion to help you go through this time of temptation and transition with dignity, grace, support and ease. A highly qualified and experienced escort will accompany you through daily life to help you work through situations and remain strong even when you are exposed challenging environments. As we work with you, we will teach you skills that you will be able to utilize in your everyday life that will help you to remain sober for a lifetime.

A sober coach from Angels of Victory will provide with all of the mental, emotional, and physical support you need to avoid a relapse. When the stakes are the highest, you can rely on us. Whether you are just beginning your addiction recovery or returning to everyday life following a rehab program, a sober companion from Angels of Victory can support you during the difficult challenges you will face, no matter where you live and work. Additionally, we can help you establish positive habits to replace the negative ones, such as keeping on your schedule, exercising regularly, finding supportive people to surround yourself with and taking care of your health. The detox and addiction recovery specialists at Angels of Victory are fully dedicated to your success. We will provide the one-on-one support that is crucial to your sobriety, until you are ready to be on your own.

Our Los Angeles clients’ privacy is one of our highest priorities. Your sober coach and the rest of our staff will maintain your confidentiality by keeping your name, records and information strictly private. We are bound to never discuss and or disclose our working relationship with you with anyone.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Los Angeles residents can call Angels of Victory at 877-663-3869 or email us for an appointment. During this complimentary assessment, you will learn more about our industry low fees, sober companion services and how we can help you to remain sober for both the short and long term.

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