Privacy Policy “Angels of Victory Home Detox” is committed to protecting your privacy. We comply with HIPPA regulations and will sign a confidentiality agreement with each client, which guarantees that no information about the client or their treatment will be disclosed to any person or agency without the clients’ written permission.


New York Drug And Alcohol Detox

When you enroll in a detoxification program provided by Angels Of Victory, you will immediately notice that we are different from most of the other available options in New York. The bottom line is that we achieve positive results with our clients. Our comprehensive home drug detox programs are custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Each person is unique requiring a unique approach to attain success. This understanding of how each person is different and how to meet the needs of each individual separates us from other New York home detox options. Furthermore, you will get the peace of mind from knowing that your process will be supervised by trained professionals who have many years of experience in the field. Once your detoxification is complete, you will have the opportunity to enroll in additional counseling programs that will help ensure that you maintain a life of sobriety. Regardless of the substance you wish to detox from, your background or age, Angels Of Victory offers home drug detoxification programs that are not only effective, but competitively priced as well.

Recognizing the presence of a problem is often the hardest step. However, once our New York clients learn to recognize the severity of their struggles and decide to engage in a home detox from alcohol, they have already begun a crucial first step. In other cases, people may seek assistance at the urging of someone they love, especially after displaying common symptoms of substance abuse such as an inability to control habits, and anxiety when going without the substance for a prolonged period of time.

Whether you ultimately pursue treatment through our home detox from drugs program, or at our well-equipped facilities, you will get the advantages of knowledgeable and compassionate staff members who are committed to your success. Further, via our resources and experience you will learn to thrive in your new lifestyle once your NY detoxification program is complete.

We maintain the strictest confidentially for all of our clients and work with clients who are 21 years old and older.

Start on the path to a life of sobriety by calling us at 877–663–3869 or e-mailing us at Angels Of Victory will help you reclaim your life.

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