Privacy Policy “Angels of Victory Home Detox” is committed to protecting your privacy. We comply with HIPPA regulations and will sign a confidentiality agreement with each client, which guarantees that no information about the client or their treatment will be disclosed to any person or agency without the clients’ written permission.


Orange County Addiction Treatment

Success in a home drug detox depends on an individualized approach to a client’s needs. At Angels Of Victory, it is this understanding that defines our entire practice. Whether you complete your detoxification in the comfort of your home or at our facilities, you have access to experts who have a 15 year history of successfully guiding and supporting our clients during their most challenging times.

Enrolling in a Orange County addiction treatment program administered by Angels Of Victory will enable you to regain control of your life and put you in the position to start achieving the goals that you set for yourself. However, before getting help, many substance users feel trapped in an endless cycle that robs them of their productivity and harms their relationships with others. Fortunately, we have helped Orange County clients embark on a path to a healthier lifestyle through our detoxification programs and we are ready to offer that same compassionate assistance to you.

Reaching the conclusion that a problem exists is often one of the hardest parts of a substance user’s recovery process. Sometimes they discover this reality on their own, or perhaps a concerned loved one alerts them to an issue. Once you have recognized that it is time to get help, you have already succeeded in a crucial early test of the detoxification process.

During your addiction treatment, you will have access to our knowledgeable team of professionals who will implement proven strategies that are designed to help you succeed during your most difficult moments. Their support and expertise will be invaluable during both your low points and the subsequent triumphs.

Confidentiality is another crucial foundation of our Orange County drug detox programs. You cannot focus on getting better if you do not have an assurance of privacy. Everything that happens during your treatment will remain between you and your team of experts. This gives you the opportunity to fully commit yourself to progressing towards a sober lifestyle without the stigma that can sometimes accompany a person during a home alcohol and or drug detox program.

Make a life-changing decision to join other Orange County residents who have benefited from our effective home detox solutions. Give us a call at 877–663–3869 or send us an e-mail to learn more about our services. The simple act of getting in touch is the first step towards getting the help that you need to reclaim your life at last.

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