Privacy Policy “Angels of Victory Home Detox” is committed to protecting your privacy. We comply with HIPPA regulations and will sign a confidentiality agreement with each client, which guarantees that no information about the client or their treatment will be disclosed to any person or agency without the clients’ written permission.


Substance Abuse Counseling

Facing the need for substance abuse counseling can be emotionally taxing and physically difficult for people with drug and alcohol addictions. The Angels of Victory treatment center offers a full range of intervention support services, substance abuse detoxification and vocational and life counseling. Our commitment is to provide every patient with the tools they need to emerge stronger, happier, more productive and, most importantly, drug-free.

We invite you to contact our clinic if you need help confronting a loved one with a substance abuse problem. Part of our support network includes intervention professionals who can help you get through to the person facing drug or alcohol addiction. If you need assistance arranging help, or if you’re ready to take the first step to help yourself, contact us at, or call 1-877-663-3869.

Inpatient and Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling

If you prefer the security of residential substance abuse counseling, we’ll be pleased to accommodate you in our comfortable community environment. All guests are entitled to single-occupancy living quarters featuring a queen-sized bed, digital cable TV, a fully stocked mini fridge and a private bathroom. We also help prepare our patients for the challenges of tomorrow by offering trade school education and guidance counseling to help clients find a productive path in life.

In addition, we also provide a full range of in-home services, featuring 24-hour medical supervision. Our experienced and highly trained and certified staff are signatory to confidentiality agreements that guarantee your absolute privacy. At Angels of Victory, our top priority is to oversee your long-term recovery. Let us help you down the road to a sober and healthier tomorrow.

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