Privacy Policy “Angels of Victory Home Detox” is committed to protecting your privacy. We comply with HIPPA regulations and will sign a confidentiality agreement with each client, which guarantees that no information about the client or their treatment will be disclosed to any person or agency without the clients’ written permission.


Substance Abuse Recovery

Angels of Victory offers a different kind of substance abuse recovery program. Not only does our rehabilitation program offer expert medical detoxification, our clients also gain exposure to life-changing education and counseling. The result is that our patients graduate from our substance abuse recovery program ready to face not only the challenges of remaining sober, but also the challenges of life itself.

We believe this is fundamentally important because, too often, the pressures facing newly rehabilitated drug dependents prove to be too much. As a result, afflicted individuals often relapse into the same destructive behavior that first led to addiction. Our substance abuse recovery programs offer trade school education, vocational guidance, entrepreneurial training and other educational opportunities to help prepare our clients to face life’s practical challenges.

Substance Abuse Recovery on an Inpatient or Outpatient Basis

Participants in our proven, affordable programs can receive treatment in our home, or in yours. If you opt to become a resident of our recovery facility, your privacy and comfort is guaranteed, and you’ll be led through the detox and rehab process by our compassionate yet professional staff. In addition, you’ll enjoy continued access to our center’s resources upon completion of your rehabilitation, to facilitate your long-term recovery.

We can also provide substance abuse recovery programs for a wide range of drug and alcohol dependencies in the comfort of your own home. Your confidentiality and privacy are assured. For further information on how we can help you beat substance abuse for good, write to us at or call 1-877-663-3869.

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